Why The Green Hound

Recently I was talking to a friend about The Green Hound and she asked me how I landed on the name and thought others might have the same question.  To me, the answer is two-fold.  First, my love of the hound breed.  Hounds are working dogs that know how to use their heightened senses to get the job done.  When you watch the breed work, it’s fascinating to see their senses coming alive when something excites them just as it does us, humans.  To me, there is nothing as exciting as finding a really cool pet product that helps me either “get the job done” or that simply heightens my senses and makes me happy.   Secondly, green is my favorite color but I also believe in today’s society, green means being responsibility.  To be “green” means that you are aware of the actions and the consequences of your decisions.   As the pet owning population grows, pet owners are looking to make “greener” and more responsible choices for their pets.  A “green” choice could be the ingredients in their food, the materials used in their toy, a collar that will last longer and be safer or a product that will enhance the life of their pet.  But a “green” choice could also be that the product is made in the USA or produced by a small  business entrepreneur who cares deeply and passionately about their craft and product.

So The Green Hound to me means we are dedicated to our job of finding the best products for today’s pets while remaining socially responsible to the industry.