The Green Hound Makers

As galgos wish, committed rescuers and volunteers around the world work tirelessly to find homes for the nearly 100,000 galgos abandoned each year as a result of the hunting season in Spain. Often, these sweet, funny, athletic dogs are left on the streets, sick & beaten with no source of food or shelter.  The As Galgos Wish collection brings together a unique community of designers, artists, crafters and makers to create amazing products that illustrate the hopes, dreams and wishes of the galgo so that they may find peace.  By purchasing a product from the As Galgos Wish collection, you are showing your support, building awareness of the galgo and making those wishes come true. In addition, you are supporting talented artists and entrepreneurs with a passion for doing good in the world. Proceeds from the sale of these products goes directly to Save A Galgo Espanol, a 501c3 registered nonprofit.

Wishing on a Dandelion

It is the goal of the As Galgos Wish collection, that each year new artists and designers will create truly amazing products that inspire and dare us to remember the plight of the galgos in Spain.  These products will be a limited release and available in limited quantities so if you see something you like, don’t miss out on the opportunity.  The theme this year, wishing on a dandelion, is truly representative of this campaign where some will see a weed, others see a wish.  Just as the galgeros see no harm in discarding or killing a nonperforming or slow galgo hunter, others see the beauty, hope and value of these special galgo souls.

Name of Product – As Galgos Wish Winter Collection

Category – Wearables

Company Story  – The foundation of this collection is beautifully designed fabric that was designed to spark a conversation that would help to spread the work about the plight of the galgo.  Quality made products in super soft fleece, this collection was designed and sewn by The Green Hound Makers who truly believe that the products you purchase and use can be so much more than just a functional item.  In this collection, you can find many functional items that have a story to tell such as scarves, mittens, headbands, heating pads and pocket warmers.

Product Story – Myke Brugnani, Fabric Designer – A talented artist, pet lover and design studio owner captures the beauty of galgos wishing on a dandelion.  In bright vibrant colors, his design depicts the happiness and peace of all galgo dreams. Wrap yourself or your pup in galgo wishes by purchasing one of many products highlighting Myke’s design.

  • Handmade
  • Available in four colors – pink, green, blue & purple
  • Adjustable to fit most greyhounds (special orders accepted)

What The Green Hound Likes Best!

  • Beautiful way to celebrate the galgo
  • Sure to spark meaningful conversation about the plight of the galgo
  • We love talented artists with fabulous stories to tell

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