Mother Bunny

Nothing makes The Green Hound happier than finding a new toy that our pet just can’t live without. It’s even better when this toy gives back in a way that can enhance other pets’ lives.  We are proud to introduce to you the Mother Bunny.  At first glance this may just look like another stuffed bunny but for some unexplained reason, it has been the toy of choice for every pup that has ever entered our homes.  Triple stitched and over stuffed with three strategically placed squeakers, this toy is sure to please.

Name of Product – Mother Bunny

Category – Toys

Company Story – Click here for the scoop on Mother Bunny’s makers

Product Story

  • Stuffed bunnies approximately 12” high
  • Durable, triple stitched and made of high quality faux fur
  • Three squeakers for hours of entertainment
  • No small parts such as plastic eyes
  • Many, many, many color choices and options

What The Green Hound Likes Best!

  • Volunteer Run
  • 100% of the profits go towards greyhound adoption efforts
  • Machine washable
  • Our pups are OBSESSED with these bunnies.

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