Felted Fido

Owner Dee McCraken enjoys needle felting as a hobby.  She specializes in making these little felted creations using a wire armature wrapped in fleece and stabbed thousands of times with a single barbed needle.  As the fibers interlock, the fleece tightens and then after maybe up to 20 hours of work the mini me is born! They are a unique way to immortalize your loved canine friends.

Name of Product – Felted Fido

Category – Memorial

Company Story  – A lover of dogs, Dee enjoys needle felting as a hobby.  Having share most of her life with dogs has led her to specialize in making these little felted creations.

Product Story – Needle felted dogs and other wee creatures hand felted to look just like your best friend.

  • Handmade
  • Customized
  • Unique

What The Green Hound Likes Best!

  • Beautiful way to celebrate the life of your pet
  • We love talented artists
  • Created with care and respect
  • Customizable

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