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  • 7 Days of Galgo Wishes

    Wish #1 – To Be the Voice of the Galgo Change your profile picture on Facebook to with the image posted below. Let people know you are the voice of the galgo. Ask your friends and family to join in and help spread the word. Join the Million Paw March for Justice on Facebook. You […]

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  • What’s in Tica’s Closet?

    Meet Tica.  She is a little Spanish girl weighing about 60 pounds.  It is unclear as to whether she is a true galgo but her beginnings are the same and therefore, much of who she is has been created by a life she lived in Spain.  One of the most beautiful things about Tica is […]

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  • Karen Elizabeth Jewelry

    Karen Elizabeth Donovan – A recent recipient of her Master of Fine Arts Degree with Distinction from Edinburgh College of Art, Karen is inspired by the beauty of nature and the fragile nature of life.  Her sterling silver pendant captures the simple beauty and peace of a galgo receiving and filling with dandelion seeds and […]

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  • Lisa Leonard Designs

    Each piece created by Lisa Leonard Designs is a work of art—hand cut, hammered, polished, drilled and assembled with care. Inspired by other artists and the nature around her. Each piece is designed to be meaningful, hand-stamped with your pets’ names, special phrase or verse or birthstone. Name of Product – Stack Rings Category – […]

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  • 5 Things to Consider when Facing a Terminal Illness in a Pet

    As pet owners, we understand that we will likely outlive the lives of our pets.  What we don’t know is how they will die and what decisions we will face as they enter the end of their journey.  In some cases, we will be faced with very difficult decisions as we receive the news that […]

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  • Focusing on the End, instead of Living the Now

    And so it ends….. As pet owners, we dread the day we will need to say goodbye to our furry friends.  Sometimes it is sudden and other times, we have time to prepare.  This is my story of a ten-month journey and the fight to give Tucker life.  It was never about saving his life […]

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  • The Green Hound Spring Into Fitness Activity Plan

    It’s time to come out from under the covers, get outside and get moving!  After a long, dark and sleepy Winter here at The Green Hound, we are excited to get back outside and enjoy the longer, warmer days of Spring and Summer.  This time of year provides so many opportunities to get out and do things with your pets so we thought we would get you jump started by sharing our Spring Into Fitness plan with you.

    1. Get Moving but do it Safely – Check out this recent blog by Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM & The Natural Healing Team, This is a great article full of tips on how to best exercise your pet.  A few of our favorites are as follows but take the time to read the full article here.

    • Schedule DAILY exercise outings with your pup, ideally twice a day.Fun Dog Activity
    • Hiking and walking on trails is the best form of activity for your dog because it is similar to what they would do in nature.
    • Consider agility type training like walking on logs, weaving through cones or going through tunnels.
    • At the park, consider a game of hide & seek for their favorite toy versus having them chase a ball.  Once they’ve found the toy, chase them!  Dogs love playing keep away.

    2. Schedule Doggie Date Nights – As society continues to evolve and understand the family pet bond, more and more companies are providing options for you to spend time with your pets. Here are a few of our favorite ways:

    yorkshire-1175728_960_720Dining alfresco – Check out restaurants in your neighborhood with outdoor seating. Many will allow your pups to join you as long as they are well behaved.

    Tip: Be sure to bring a blanket or bed to keep them comfortable.

    Ice Cream – Going out for ice cream is the perfect way to unwind and relax after a long day.  Many ice cream shops now offer a doggie ice cream but if not, make sure to watch the portion and flavor choice and maybe opt for frozen yogurt instead.

    Tip: Be sure to avoid artificial sweeteners, candy additives and chocolate.

    Swimming – Who doesn’t enjoy a nice dip in a pond, lake, river or stream.  It’s a great way to cool off, get some exercise or simply relax.  Just make sure you choose a place where pets are welcome and the water quality is safe.

    Tip: Avoid letting your dog drink from unknown or tested water sources.Outdoor concerts with dogs

    Picnics – Pack up a picnic lunch or dinner and head outside.  Whether visiting your favorite park, hiking spot or simply finding a great spot to enjoy a sunset, a picnic is a perfect activity for you and your pet.

    Tip: Be sure to pack some special treats for your pup as well.

    Outdoor Concerts, Movies & Drive-In Theaters – This is an all-time Green Hound favorite activity.  The only thing better than enjoying an outdoor event or movie is enjoying this event with your pup.  While they may not understand the music or the plot of the movie, they will definitely enjoy being outside, relaxing and people watching as much as you.

    3. Plan a Doggie Day Trip – At The Green Hound we love to travel with our pets Tip: Check out our blog “Are You Travel Ready“. But not every trip needs to be an overnight stay.  Think about places that your pet would enjoy visiting such as state parks, historic sites and swimming holes and make a day of it.  Plan for some time in the car, some time for outside activity and some time to just chill out.

    Tip: Be sure to make sure you pack the appropriate supplies for your dog.  This is our suggested list of what to pack.

    Dog travel bag, dog

    ParkPack Travel Bag

    • Water & Water Bowl
    • Treats & Food (depending on the length of trip)
    • Waste Bags
    • Spray Bottle (quick cool down on hot days)
    • Towel for cleaning muddy paws
    • Extra Harness, Collar & Leash
    • Small First Aid Kit
    • GPS Tracker – For extra safety and make sure your GPS tracker is properly charged.

    4. Rainy days and Mondays – Of course not every day is going to be filled with sunshine, but no worries.  There is still plenty you can do with your pup to stay active.  The following are some of our favorite rainy day activities.

    • Games  – Games are a great entertainment for both you and your hound.  While providing exercise and bonding time for you both, games can also keep his mind sharp and alert. Check out this article by Rodney Southern for 5 Cool Games to Teach Your Dog.
    • Puzzles – Puzzles are also a great activity that provides some alone time entertainment.  A favorite of The Green Hound is the Dog Snuffle Mat Treat Puzzle and you find plenty of options are your local pet store.
      • Tip: Be sure to choose low-calorie treats or adjust your pups food at feeding time to make up for the extra treats.

    So take some time and plan out some activities and get moving.  For extract socialization, invite some friends along.  You will be glad you did.


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  • 3 Things That are Important to Know About Your Dog’s Food

    According to the Pet Food Institute, pet food sales reached $21.4 billion in sales in 2014.  That is up nearly $2 billion in five years. There is no question that pet food is big business.  Big box retailers, supermarkets, discount grocers and small pet boutiques line their shelves with so many options in colorful packing […]

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  • Really? April is all about Greyhounds?

    Yes!  Every year in April, the world of pet adoption takes some time to recognize a very special breed.  The greyhound.  Many people know the greyhound breed as the second fastest land animal (behind the cheetah) but what many don’t know is retired racing greyhounds make excellent pets.  With approximately 20 racing tracks still in […]

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  • Have Dog will Travel. Are You Travel Ready?

    Recent estimates by the Travel Industry Association of America say 29.1 million Americans have traveled with a pet in the past three years.  I am one of those Americans who not only travels with my pets but actually plan my vacations around events and destinations that my pets will also enjoy.   Just like traveling with […]

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