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  • Aging Pets & People

    As caregivers to our pets, we want more than anything to be able to care for them until the end of life. That cute puppy you may have brought home when you were 45 is now a 15-year-old, sweet senior. Surprise! You are now 60! Both the needs of your pet and you have changed […]

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  • The Importance of Learning to Read Nutritional Labels

    I am a marketer with a solid career of convincing people that the product I represent is something they cannot live without. While I have enjoyed this career for many years, there are times when I believe the profession goes too far practicing borderline deceptive activities where marketers convince the consumer that the product they […]

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  • 5 Things to do to build a strong relationship with your vet

    Dog resting on chair

    Being a pet owner means you are taking on the responsibility of the care and well-being of your pet. This means that you need to visit the vet on a regular basis and building a solid relationship with your vet will be very important to their ongoing health and care. The following are five things […]

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  • Is Pet Insurance Right for You?

    When I adopted my first greyhound, I knew immediately that I would be purchasing pet insurance for him. The reason for me was simple. I didn’t ever want to have to make a decision about this health and well-being based on the cost to treat a medical condition. When your pet becomes sick, some decisions […]

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  • 7 Things Your Senior Dog is trying to Tell You

    Being a pet owner means you are taking on the responsibility for the care and well-being of your pet for their entire lifetime. While it’s often hard to watch them age, a recent article, 7 things your senior dog would like to tell you, on Mother Nature Network provides some great advice on how you […]

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  • Dog Food Expiration Dates

      As a brand ambassador and pet food nutritionist for a small but growing pet food company, I have spent countless hours working inside one of the largest pet retailers in the US.  It has been eye opening on several levels but one of the most worrisome things I’ve encountered has to do with how […]

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  • Why The Green Hound

    Recently I was talking to a friend about The Green Hound and she asked me how I landed on the name and thought others might have the same question.  To me, the answer is two-fold.  First, my love of the hound breed.  Hounds are working dogs that know how to use their heightened senses to […]

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