Beyond the ID Tag

In the last few weeks, I have stumbled across a couple of interesting items that really have me thinking about how well I have prepared myself and my pets should an emergency arise.  Like most readers on this site, my number one priority in life is to ensure my pets are safe and well cared for.  My dogs wear ID tags, tag collars, and GPS trackers.  I use carabiners as an extra clip on my leashes and my shy girl wears a special non-slip “spook harness”.  My house is like a fortress.  I have baby gates everywhere securing all doors and exits and locks on the gate in my fenced in yard.  My pups are safe, right?

Yes, I have protected them and they are safe in my home and when they are with me.  But what happens if something happens to me? As much as we hate to admit it, life happens.  We can’t control everything around us and unfortunately, bad things can happen.  As a person with many single friends and someone who often ventures out alone, I found this image which really had me thinking.

wallet_card_2I often travel with my pups or go hiking alone with them.  What happens if I am in an accident and am unable to speak.  If the responding people call the numbers on my dogs tags, they are only going to be directed to my personal numbers of which I will not answer.  In many cases, my “in case of emergency” numbers are family members who live a fair distance from me.  While it is important to let them know what has happened, my family is not the best back-up for caring for my pets.  If no one can be reached, where will my pups end up?  Worse yet, what if they too are injured and need of care?  Who is going to authorize their treatment?

It is our responsibility as pet owners to provide for the care and safety of our pets.  Stop what you’re doing now and take the time to jot down the information in this form and place it in your wallet.  Want a different idea?  Check out this product by Copper Poppy. While designed for an equestrian rider, the same idea can easily become a tag for your key ring or as a zipper pull on your favorite jacket.  rider_down_copper_poppy_etsyA great and stylish way to make sure everyone is protected.

Our pets are our family and it is important that we take the time to make sure they are cared for in all situations.  Have a great idea on how to keep your pets cared for and safe?  Do you know of any great products, vendors or companies that offer great quality products to help protect our pets?  If so, let us know.  We would love to hear from you!