Aging Pets & People

As caregivers to our pets, we want more than anything to be able to care for them until the end of life. That cute puppy you may have brought home when you were 45 is now a 15-year-old, sweet senior. Surprise! You are now 60! Both the needs of your pet and you have changed over the years and sometimes you both need help to continue to provide the necessary care.

At The Green Hound, we love people who take on a challenge and solve problems for us, creating products that make it easier for us to care for our pets. So what are the challenges we face as we age? The following is a partial list:

  1. Mobility
  2. Loss of Senses – Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste
  3. Aches & Pains

Increasingly we will see new and innovative products introduced to the market that works to solve these challenges.  Don’t be surprised to see that some products will focus on the “human” needs that allow pet parents to care for their pets throughout their lifetime. One such product we found is called the KittyKaddie. This company offers several products such as the Kitty Kaddy, a pet food bowl with a handle allowing the caregiver to pick up the food bowl without stooping over. They have also designed a kitty litter basket with a handle, and a long-handled litter scoop as well.

So what challenges do you fear as you and your pet age? Would problems have you have already faced as you or your pet has aged? Let us know and we will challenge all those creative and innovative thinkers and who knows, perhaps someone will find a solution to your problem.