7 Days of Galgo Wishes

wish_1 Wish #1 – To Be the Voice of the Galgo

  1. Change your profile picture on Facebook to with the image posted below. Let people know you are the voice of the galgo. Ask your friends and family to join in and help spread the word.
  2. Join the Million Paw March for Justice on Facebook. You know what they say about strength in numbers. Be part of this virtual growing march and let the galgos and their volunteers know you are marching for them. Follow along with stories and information about galgos around the world and feel free to share your stories as well.
  3. Start a conversation. At The Green Hound, we designed our products in a way that would encourage conversation making it easier to spread the word. Wear your favorite galgo adoption group t-shirt or piece of galgo jewelry. Share a photo on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that speaks to your heart and ask others to share. The more people we talk to, the more people become aware which leads to more support and wishes that can be granted.
  4. To learn more about World Galgo Day, we invite you to visit DiaDelGalgo.com


wish_2Wish #2 – Comfort & Warmth

While local galgo adoption groups happily accept donations of coats, it can also create some problems. Many groups simply don’t fly to Spain often enough to deliver the goods. Shipping goods overseas is expensive and sometimes the rescues get hit with taxes to pay over received goods.

Consider a program in the Netherlands that works well (link below) where you can donate 5 euro and Elsbeth makes sponsor coats that are transported all over Spain to several shelters.

Also, some shelters have an amazon wishlist. This way you can simply purchase and ship directly.



Wish_3Wish #3 – FOREVER HOME

With the hunting season now over for the year, Spain is saturated with galgos and other hunting dogs needing homes. In order to make space for these special souls, it’s important than some continue on their journey to find their homes in other countries. A few ways you can help is as follows:

1. Become a Flight Guardian
2. Provide a Foster Home
3. Assist with Meeting Dogs at the Airport
4. Donate Funds to help cover the cost

To learn more, visit http://www.sagehounds.com/portfolio for details on each of these programs. #freethegalgo



wish_4Wish #4 – “Give Me Shelter”

Seven Days and Seven Galgo Wishes! DAY 4! Each day for seven days we will share a wish a day for the galgo on our social media sites along with ways that you can help make that wish come true. Throughout the campaign, random wishes will be granted and one lucky follower will be the recipient of a basket of wishes full of products from The Green Hound. To play along, simply LIKE, SHARE AND COMMENT with the phrase of the day each day for a chance to WIN! Winner will be drawn at random on Tuesday, February 7th.

Many of the shelters in Spain are over crowded, full or in need of repair. This year brought historic rains damaging many shelters. FBM, for example, houses 600+ dogs. This shelter was built new years ago but is in much need of repairs. At Galgo Del Sol, they have many opportunities to not only sponsor a kennel, but honor a special hound with a plaque at the facility or even name a tree on site. To learn more, check out this link



wish_5Wish #5 – “Feed Me”

It can be overwhelming to think about how to care for so many animals in need but we believe, even helping one animal can go a long way. Consider sponsoring an animal at one of the Spanish rescues. Below are two links to such programs in need.


FBM – http://fundacionbm.com/en/hazte-padrino/

Galgo Del Sol – http://galgosdelsol.org/sponsor-a-hound/


#feedthegalgo #freethegalgo #keepgalgoswarm